Tesla Giga Texas Progresses Rapidly in Installation of Giga Press for Cybertruck Manufacturing

Tesla Giga Texas Progresses Rapidly in Installation of Giga Press for Cybertruck Manufacturing

Image: @JoTegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla Giga Texas is making rapid headway with the assembly of the 9,000-ton Giga Press, parts of which have been arriving at the factory in recent weeks. The assembly of the machine takes place at a fast pace, which was made possible thanks to the experience obtained earlier. After setting up Giga Press, test production of the long-awaited Cybertruck can begin.

The very positive news comes from Giga Texas, where a new stage of development has been noticed. @JoTegtmeyer/Twitter has captured the Giga Press assembly progress and it is impressive. Judging by the image, the company has done a lot of work in recent days, which brought it even closer to starting production of Cybertruck. The photo showed that the machine is mostly already assembled and even the hoses are connected. However, there is still a lack of aluminum furnace, which can be installed quite quickly.

Parts for the assembly of the Giga Press with a clamping force of 9,000 tons began arriving at Giga Texas at the end of 2022. After all the parts arrived, Tesla began assembly. The first build progress was seen on January 13 and was significant. This prompted the idea that the assembly process had already lasted several days, although it was not spotted on camera. Just five days after that, the Giga Press seems to be almost fully assembled. Obviously, it is impossible to know for sure how ready it is, so do not rush to conclusions about the timeframe for its readiness.

Previously, it was expected that the giant machine would be assembled and tuned for several months before test production would begin. However, at the moment, it seems that it could happen even faster. It is likely that the experience gained in assembling other Tesla Giga Presses made it possible to assemble the machine much faster. With test production scheduled for mid-2023 and mass deliveries for the end of the year, it seems that Giga Press will at least be ready to complete its task on time. However, data on the installation of all other parts of the Cybertruck production line are currently not available.

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