Tesla Cars Comprised Almost 70% of the US EV Fleet in Q4 2021

Tesla Cars Comprised Almost 70% of the US EV Fleet in Q4 2021

Source: Experian Automotive VIO Q4 2021

Tesla owned nearly 70% of the US electric vehicle fleet and had the most EVs in operation in almost every US state, except Alaska in Q4 2021. The manufacturer has been and remains a mainstay in the development of the US electric car market.

It's no secret that Tesla is the leader in electric vehicle sales worldwide. Despite growing competition, especially in China, the Texas-based manufacturer is firmly holding its share of the automotive market. In the US, Tesla's electric vehicles are the most coveted, as evidenced by registration data.

Experian has released its Q4 2021 Automotive Registration Trends and Analysis report, revealing trends in the US automotive market. After researching the electric vehicle segment, it became clear that Tesla has an extremely high success rate in the country. According to published data, the manufacturer has an impressive 69.95% EV market share, which makes it unattainable in the segment. This is the merit of Tesla, whose goal is to attract as many consumers as possible to EVs, and reduce the world's dependence on cars powered by combustible fuel.

Tesla's closest competitor in the US is Nissan, but its market share is too low in comparison. The Japanese manufacturer has an 8.51% share of the country's EV market. In third place is Chevrolet with a 7.15% market share. The remaining manufacturers have a negligible share of the EV market, but due to the growing popularity of EVs, there is hope that in the coming years their efforts to develop EVs will intensify and they will be able to bring decent electric vehicles to market.

The data shows that Tesla leads the sales in almost every state. The only state where the manufacturer's sales are not in first place, but in second place, is Alaska. There, Nissan has a 40.17% market share, while Tesla has a 33.59% market share. Chevrolet occupies 15.25% there.

According to the overall data, Toyota leads the ranking of new car registrations in the US in 4Q 2021 with 13.7%. However, Tesla took 2.2% of the market share and outperformed Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus.

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