Tesla Expands Charging Network in Mainland China to Over 1,100 Supercharger Stations

Tesla Expands Charging Network in Mainland China to Over 1,100 Supercharger Stations

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Tesla has expanded its charging network in mainland China to over 1,100 Superchargers after adding 24 new locations in January. The company now offers over 8,300 Supercharging stalls and 1,800 destination charging stalls covering more than 360 cities.

The Tesla сharging network in mainland China continues to expand and in January alone, 24 Supercharger stations were added in 21 cities, adding 151 new stalls. Two of those stations are equipped with V2 stalls, while all the others are equipped with V3 stalls, according to a statement from Tesla's Chinese charging team. Thus, today the company has more than 1,100 branded charging stations, which offer more than 8,300 stalls for their customers in mainland China. In addition, Tesla also has over 700 destination charging stations, offering over 1,800 charging stalls.

The rise in Tesla charging stations comes as China is the second-largest market for the manufacturer, so the company is looking to meet consumer demand. The Chinese are increasingly turning to electric vehicles and Tesla is one of their favorite brands.

Tesla's charging network provided more than 2.14 million uses to owners during the Chinese New Year from January 31 to February 6, according to data released by the company on February 10. Tesla owners in China drove a total of 240 million kilometers (about 150 million miles) during the holidays, achieving a reduction in CO2 emissions of 56,000 tons, the equivalent of planting 111,000 hectares of forest for the planet.

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