Tesla Has Installed 10K+ Supercharger Stalls in Europe, 20% of Which in 2022 Alone

Tesla Has Installed 10K+ Supercharger Stalls in Europe, 20% of Which in 2022 Alone

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Tesla has installed over 10,000 Supercharger stalls in Europe to date. 1/5 of them were installed in nine months of 2022. Germany has the largest Supercharger network in Europe.

Tesla continues to grow and increase its production capacity every year. Along with this, its charging infrastructure continues to develop. To date, Tesla has installed more than 10,000 stalls at 900 Supercharger stations across Europe, the company announced. The pace of expansion is very high, with a fifth of all Superchargers installed in the first nine months of 2022 alone.

Germany continues to be Tesla's biggest market, and continues to grow as the company's manufacturing facility is located there. That is why the country has the largest proprietary charging network in Europe. Today, it has 144 Supercharger stations offering 1,900 stalls for the best driving experience.

Drivers of electric vehicles of other brands also benefit from the expansion of the Supercharger network in Europe. They have access to Tesla charging stations in 14 countries. There are more than 320 Supercharger stations on offer there with over 4,600 stalls, according to Tesla's post. With the manufacturer opening its Superchargers to non-Tesla vehicles, the manufacturer's charging network has become the largest public fast charging network in Europe. “Due to a partial opening to third-party brands, Tesla’s Supercharger network is now also the largest public 150kW fast-charging network in Europe,” the post reads.

According to the announcement, a third of Tesla's European fleet used at least one Supercharger outside its home country during the summer. Supercharger charging prices have risen in recent months and vary across different Superchargers.

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