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Tesla Holiday Update 2022 Promises to Be Very Interesting [Spoiler Alert]

Tesla Holiday Update 2022 Promises to Be Very Interesting [Spoiler Alert]

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Tesla Holiday Update 2022 promises to be very interesting and includes a number of long-awaited features that will delight many owners. [Spoiler alert]

Dirty Tesla/YouTube has accessed a list of features to be introduced in Tesla's new Holiday Update 2022.44.25. He said that at the time of filming, all the updates that will be discussed should be included, but if a bug is found in some function, then it can be excluded from the update for improvement. Also, Tesla may decide at the last moment not to push a feature, so it would not be available.

UI changes
Dirty Tesla said that the UI changes will be made in order to make navigation better and cleaner. It is unclear at this point exactly what that means and what it will look like because he has not seen it.

The introduction of Zoom into Tesla vehicles is no longer a secret. In early November, the company announced that its video conferencing software would soon be available in Tesla vehicles. Obviously, the function can only be used while in park. It will use the interior camera for video calls.

MyQ support
MyQ will allow Tesla owners to control their garage doors with Homelink. This is a great addition to make sure your garage does not get left open. Model S and X are equipped with a Homelink gate opener module; for Model 3 and Y it can be purchased on the Tesla website for $350.

Music player
The music player can now be moved around the screen and customized, although how this will operate is unclear. This is a pretty handy feature, as each owner has their own preference for its location on the screen. In addition, Apple Music will be added, as the company hinted at when it unveiled the feature in one of its entertainment prototypes at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Emission Mode
Emission mode can now be used directly from the app on your phone. That is, now the fart mode can be activated even when you are not in the car, which can bring a lot of fun.

Light Show
The Light Show now has the ability to launch from the application on the phone. In addition, it will be possible to adjust some settings, such as volume control, and, most importantly, schedule a time. It would be cool to put on a fun Light Show in the company of several Tesla cars that can start it in sync. In addition, a new New Year's song will be added.

Steam integration
Dirty Tesla expects some new games to be added. But, what is most interesting is the long-awaited Steam integration, as Elon Musk mentioned earlier. Steam is software for downloading games from your game library if you have an account and games in it. At the moment, it remains unknown exactly how this feature will work in a Tesla car.

Interior Camera
In addition to the fact that the interior camera can be activated during a video conference in Zoom, it will also work in Dog Mode. This feature will be appreciated by pet owners, because now they will have the opportunity to constantly monitor the condition of their pets while they are distracted by business and were forced to leave them in the car.

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