Tesla HVAC System for Homes on Future Product List, Confirms Elon Musk

Tesla HVAC System for Homes on Future Product List, Confirms Elon Musk

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A Tesla HVAC system for homes is on the future product list, Elon Musk confirmed. The HVAC HEPA home system will bring more depth to Tesla's home solutions while also helping people breathe cleaner air.

In the spring of 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about a home HVAC HEPA filtration system. Such a system would make a lot of sense and add more depth to Tesla's home solutions. As the company currently manufactures solar panels, solar roof tiles, and Powerpack home energy storage, HVAC would be a logical addition to this ecosystem. Such a business would also fit well with the company's broader mission and be a welcome additional source of income.

It would also bring many benefits to the owners of such systems. In addition to those people who would like to breathe clean air, there are those who are in dire need of it for medical reasons. Various pollutants in the air, from chemicals to natural pollen, are allergens, leading to severe effects in some people. While it is almost impossible to clean the air outside of allergens, it can be done at home, which would be a lifeline for many people.

Recently, young Tesla shareholder Owen Sparks/Twitter asked Musk if the home HVAC HEPA system is still in development. Owen suffers from allergies, so clean air in his home would significantly improve his quality of life. The head of the company replied that a home HVAC HEPA system is still on the future product list, stressing that the system will be especially relevant in places like Austin, where there is a very high level of dust in the air.

During Battery Day 2020, Musk said:

“That's a pet project that I'd love to get going on. I don't know, maybe we'll start working on that next year. Because I just think, man, you could really make a way better home HVAC system that's really quiet and super efficient, super energy efficient, and also has a way better filter for particles. And it works very reliably, and we've already developed that for the car. So the heat pump in the Model Y is really pretty spectacular. It's tiny, it's efficient, it has to last for 15 years, it's got to work in all kinds of conditions from the coldest winter to the hottest summer. So we've actually already done a massive amount of the work necessary for a really kick-ass home HVAC.”

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