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Tesla Incentivizes Customers Picking Up Cars Directly from Giga Berlin to Improve Logistics at End of Q4

Tesla Incentivizes Customers Picking Up Cars Directly from Giga Berlin to Improve Logistics at End of Q4

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Tesla is incentivizing picking up cars directly from Giga Berlin to avoid the logistical nightmare at the end of the quarter. The manufacturer offers €400 as a bonus. All customers who accept delivery by the end of the year will also receive a 10,000 km charge bonus and wall connector.

Gigafactory Berlin is actively ramping up production, producing thousands of vehicles every week. However, the situation with shipments through German sea ports remains difficult, and trucks transporting cars to delivery centers have a full workload, which also makes it difficult to deliver to customers on time.

Tesla experienced logistical difficulties in Q3 and was unable to deliver all of the vehicles it produced. Thus, as of September 30, about 20,000 vehicles were still on their way to customers. The company explained that it simply did not have enough ships, trains, and trucks to get the cars to customers by end of quarter. In the long run, end-of-quarter inventory is beneficial for the company, as a more even distribution of deliveries throughout the quarter will help avoid the high intensity at the end of each quarter, which is currently the case.

With the growth of production at Giga Berlin, Tesla is also forced to look for ways to deliver cars to customers as soon as possible. The manufacturer has launched a new bonus for those customers who pick up their cars directly from Giga Berlin. To do this, a pop-up delivery center was deployed there. Anyone who picks up their car there before the end of the quarter will receive a €400 bonus. In addition, all European customers who accept delivery of their cars before the end of the year will receive a nice bonus: free charging for 10,000 km (6,200 miles) and a wall connector, according to In Europe, this can be equivalent to driving for one year.

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