Tesla Includes More Qualified Third-Party Chargers Across Europe & Israel via In-Car Navigation

Tesla Includes More Qualified Third-Party Chargers Across Europe & Israel via In-Car Navigation

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Tesla announced that it has included more qualified third-party chargers across Europe and Israel via in-car navigation. This will provide Tesla owners with even more convenient access to a wider charging infrastructure for borderless travel.

Having access to data about charging stations along the way is important and can make any journey easier. While navigation in Tesla vehicles already includes the Superchargers and can plan routes based on their location, now the functionality has been expanded even more. The company said third-party fast chargers that meet its performance and reliability standards will automatically be added to Tesla navigation as certified third-party chargers.

Tesla explained that the goal is to provide smooth charging for the drivers of its vehicles. Obviously, this will be a very useful feature when traveling, especially in unfamiliar terrain. The company also said that the new feature will first be rolled out in Europe and Israel. Apparently, its deployment to other markets, including the US and China, will happen later, possibly after testing in Europe.

Tesla put forward requirements for a qualified charging station.

For a charging station to be included in Tesla’s navigation system, it must meet these conditions over a 60-day period:
  1. At least one compatible charging connector
  2. Frequently used by Tesla drivers at least once every four days
  3. Average charge success rate is 90% or higher

To detect inoperable chargers quickly and provide the best experience for the company's customers, stations will be removed from Tesla’s navigation system if any of the following conditions are met over a 14-day period:

  1. No charge sessions detected
  2. Average charge success rate falls below 70%

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