Tesla Grew the Number of Supercharger Stations by 33% YoY in Q1, Expanding All-EV Access

Tesla Grew the Number of Supercharger Stations by 33% YoY in Q1, Expanding All-EV Access

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Tesla increased the number of Supercharger stations by 33% YoY in Q1 2023. Additionally, the company increased the average number of charging stalls per Supercharger station.

Tesla continues to grow in all directions. By selling more and more electric vehicles, the company is also making sure that all of them have access to a wide network of charging stations. In addition, Tesla has opened Supercharger access for all EVs in some regions, so providing a large number of charging stations is important.

According to the data provided by Tesla in its Q1 2023 report, 269 new Supercharger stations were installed last quarter. This is 33% more than in Q1 2022. As of the end of the quarter, the total number of charging stations reached 4,947, so the company will soon celebrate the installation of its 5,000th Supercharger station.

The number of stalls in Q1 increased by 2,750 to 45,169. This reflects a 34% year-on-year growth. This means that each Supercharger site installed in the last quarter has an average of 10.2 stalls. For comparison, it was about 8.7 stalls in Q2 2022 for each new location. This means that as the number Tesla and non-Tesla EV customers grows, the manufacturer also increases the number of stalls at each Supercharger to satisfy everyone.

In the first quarter, Tesla opened its first V4 Supercharger station for all EVs, which is located in the Netherlands. In addition, Magic Docks have been added in North America, which also allow electric vehicles of any brand to charge at the Supercharger site. Tesla said it intends to continue expanding access to its charging stations to all brands in all markets.

To alleviate Tesla customers' concerns about Superchargers being unavailable due to the increased flow of non-Tesla EVs, the company explained that it is always striving to balance its ability to serve all of its customers. SVP, Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla, Andrew Baglino, stressed that in Europe, for example, 50% of its Superchargers are open to all electric vehicles, and the company has been able to do so without any increase in wait times for anyone. The company will continue to use the same approach in North America and China in the coming quarters.

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