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Tesla Installed Another Double-Decker Supercharger at Giga Berlin for Perfect Optimization

Tesla Installed Another Double-Decker Supercharger at Giga Berlin for Perfect Optimization

Photo: @tobilindh/Twitter

Tesla installed another double-decker Supercharger at Giga Berlin for perfect optimization. The construction is designed to charge cars when they are already loaded onto a trailer for transportation.

In early March, several Giga Berlin construction observers noticed something interesting. Near the paint shop, two double-deck structures with Supercharger stalls mounted on them were spotted. The structure did not look very wide and seemed ideal for housing Tesla vehicles. Speculation circulated at the time that these might have been special trailers to transport cars and charge them while driving.

However, new observations and additional information have revealed more details. Giga Berlin construction observer @tobilindh/Twitter spotted another of the same construction, installed in the northwest near the autobahn exit. According to him, it was another double-decker Supercharger installed on the factory grounds. Tobias explained that this Supercharger is used to charge vehicles that are already loaded onto a trailer.

While, at this point, it is not known precisely how the process is organized, there are a few speculations that indicate Tesla is trying to optimize logistics. The bottom line is that cars can be charged, for example, while being loaded into a trailer parked next to this Supercharger. This way, while all cars are loaded, most of them will receive an additional charge and customers who have accepted the delivery will be able to drive their car home or to the Supercharger without worrying about the range.

Tesla is a prime example of continuous development and innovation, which is dictated by the desire to do everything efficiently, quickly, and at minimal cost. To this end, the company is constantly optimizing all processes from production to consumer delivery.

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