Tesla Intends to Acquire Additional Territory Near Giga Berlin to Expand its Operations

Tesla Intends to Acquire Additional Territory Near Giga Berlin to Expand its Operations

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Tesla intends to acquire additional territory right next to Giga Berlin to expand its operations. An additional 100 hectares can be added to the existing 300 hectares. Warehouses and a cargo station will be located on the new site.

Tesla Giga Berlin, located on 300 hectares near Grünheide, has already planned an expansion. The company intends to buy an additional 100 hectares of land located next to the existing one, on the east side, between the RE1 railway line and state roads L23 and L38, RBB24 learned from official circles.

The railway was one of the important factors in Tesla choosing Grünheide as a place to build its first European factory. The company has announced that it will deliver as much material as possible to the Grünheide plant by train, which should significantly reduce the carbon footprint of Giga Berlin. Finished cars, and any other products that will be produced at the factory, will also be transported by rail.

At the end of January 2022, it became known that Tesla acquired an existing railway line from the Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn Group (DRE), which passes through its territory. The new documents show that the manufacturer will use this advantage to its full potential, as it plans to build additional storage facilities and a cargo station in the new territory. The purchase of an additional 100 hectares of land indicates that Tesla plans to leave the rest of its property (300 hectares) free for future expansions of the automotive plant.

RBB24 reported that about six hectares of land to the east of the Tesla property is owned by electricity supplier Edis. Last year, it built a substation there, from where, among other things, Tesla receives electricity. The rest of the area between the railway line and the two country roads belongs to the state of Brandenburg and would fit Tesla's plan. According to official figures, the purchase price has not yet been determined. If the public authorities charge the same price per square meter as for the first 300 hectares, Tesla will have to pay about €13 million for the additional area.

In order for Tesla to build on the site, the Grunheide municipal council must also make changes to the development plan for the site. It is reported that the manufacturer wants to submit its proposal to the community representatives as early as June 2022. It is expected that, if approved, construction may begin no earlier than one year later—that is, in June 2023.


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