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Tesla Intends to Sell Good Quality Model Ys Produced at Giga Berlin as Part of Testing to Avoid Unnecessary Recycling

Tesla Intends to Sell Good Quality Model Ys Produced at Giga Berlin as Part of Testing to Avoid Unnecessary Recycling

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Tesla wants to sell usable Model Ys produced before the launch of Giga Berlin as part of systems tests. This step should help avoid disposal, which is unnecessary and will only cause additional harm to the environment.

Any production harms the environment, as resources are used for this, and harmful substances polluting the environment appear in the process. Although companies around the world are striving to reduce harm, it is still far from zero. Tesla is one of those who actively seek to minimize the harm from their operations, whether during the start-up of production or during the active operation of their factories.

Before Tesla received permission to manufacture in Giga Berlin, it was allowed to produce 2,250 vehicles to test production processes. These cars could not be sold to buyers. At first, permission was given for the production of 250 units, which were the very first examples and almost certainly had manufacturing defects. In January 2022, approval was granted for the production of another 2,000 vehicles, and it is clear that more than one month had passed before the goal was reached. While we do not have public information on when or how many Model Ys were produced, there is reason to believe that they may have been in production up until the release of official approval to start production in March.

Obviously, some of these cars were of good quality and were quite suitable for sale to customers. Resources were wasted on their production, and it would be very unwise and harmful to the environment to send them for recycling instead of using them. According to Teslamag, on June 11, Tesla sent a letter to the relevant authorities, asking them to consider this issue in more detail.

In the letter, Tesla explains how it uses the cars that were produced during testing (although the numbers are hidden to protect confidential information). The manufacturer said that some Model Ys have already been disposed of, due to “low” quality and complete unsuitability for further use. Other vehicles are currently being used for various test purposes, but due to some quality defects, they will have to be scrapped. There are also some Model Ys of “low” and “medium” quality, used by the company for internal purposes.

In addition, among the 2,250 Model Ys produced as part of system tests, there are also those that are of “good” quality. Such cars can be used, so Tesla is asking for permission to sell them to consumers. Their disposal does not make any reasonable sense, and will also be redundant, since it will only further pollute the environment. This step is legally permissible as it is necessary to avoid, as far as possible, disposal under the Circular Economy Act.

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