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Tesla’s $10B+ Investment in Giga Texas Will Charge Up the State’s Economy, Creating 120K Direct & Indirect Jobs

Tesla’s $10B+ Investment in Giga Texas Will Charge Up the State’s Economy, Creating 120K Direct & Indirect Jobs

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The size of Giga Texas is already incredibly huge, but it is clear that Tesla is planning an even more expansive development near Austin. The company plans to invest over $10 billion in the factory and will create 20,000 direct and 100,000 indirect jobs that will literally and figuratively charge up the Texas economy for years to come.

The construction of Phase 1 of Tesla's new factory in the U.S. is almost complete and production of the Model Y there is expected to begin this year. According to released information, the total cost of construction of the factory was about $1.06 billion. This information came to light following the discovery of applications filed by the company with the Architectural Review Board, requesting a review of five workshops:

  • Body in White $182,000,000
  • Stamping $150,000,000
  • Casting $109,000,000
  • Paint $126,000,000
  • General assembly $493,000,000

Apparently, this amount includes only the construction of the building, and even more funds have been and will be spent on expensive equipment for the production of advanced cars. Despite the already huge size of Giga Texas, it is clear that Tesla intends to expand even more significantly near Austin. According to ongoing reports, the company has already purchased additional land several times, expanding its already huge landholdings. All of this has already hinted that the company has huge plans in Texas.

Recently, a union organizer from Texas, Mike Siegel, decided to "remind" everyone that the state gave $60 million in subsidies to Elon Musk to move to the state. The statement itself is initially false, as Musk never received money from Texas to move there but the subsidy was received by the company to build the factory. The tone of the message and the choice of words indicate Siegel's personal motives, and his negativity is directed more towards Musk's personality. Recall that Tesla does not create trade unions in its factories around the world.

In response to this ridiculous "reminder," the head of the company first announced very interesting information that sheds some light on the plans regarding Tesla's activities in Giga Texas. According to Musk, the company is investing more than $10 billion in the location, which is a huge amount and promises a significant expansion of production buildings, compared to what is already there. In addition, the factory will create 20,000 direct jobs, which also underscores the potential sheer size of Giga Texas. Musk also said that the factory's activities would create another 100,000 indirect jobs. Of course, it is obvious that with such a huge size, Giga Texas will pay billions of dollars in taxes annually that the state will receive, not to mention that tens of thousands of local residents will get jobs, and with
this, a significant increase in financial position and confidence in their future.

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