Tesla Recruits to its Actuators Team to Further Develop Bipedal Robot Optimus

von Eva Fox November 05, 2022

Tesla Recruits to its Actuators Team to Further Develop Bipedal Robot Optimus

Photo: Tesla

Tesla is expanding its Optimus development team by inviting candidates for the position of Mechatronics Technician on its Actuators Team. The bipedal humanoid robot will become one of the company's most important products.

Tesla continues to expand its Optimus robot team. The company announced the recruitment for the position of Mechatronics Technician through its LinkedIn. The employee will join the Actuators Team, which develops, mechanically assembles robot parts, and is critical to the development of high-performance electromechanical rotary and linear actuator systems for the Tesla robot. As a team member, the employee will prototype actuators, including winding of motors, assembly of gearboxes, and torque/speed sensor installation.

Along with the recruitment announcement, Tesla posted a rare video where the Actuators Team shared some of the details of their work. Team members said that the company's strong vertical integration is one of the key benefits that the Optimus team enjoys, as it allows them to innovate quickly.

Actuators are the main drive system for any robot. Optimus will have 28 structural actuators that will help its body achieve over 200 degrees of freedom, and its arms alone have 11 degrees of freedom. Tesla has developed its own actuators for the Bot; it uses three types of rotary actuators and three types of linear actuators. In-house development of this critical part of the robot will make it possible to make them ideally suited to Tesla's goals, because what is on the market today does not meet its requirements.

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