Tesla Closes in on Record Quarter in Australia by Selling Out Cars from 16 Ships

Tesla Closes in on Record Quarter in Australia by Selling Out Cars from 16 Ships

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Tesla is close to hitting a record quarter in Australia. According to a report, even the cars that were in inventory were almost sold out. In total, 16 ships arrived in the country during the quarter.

Tesla continues to increase its sales and thus influence in various countries around the world. Positive reports of high levels of deliveries were received throughout the quarter from various countries. Now, good news is coming from Australia. According to the local publication The Driven, Q2 should be a record for Tesla.

Analyzing inventory listings on Thursday, the publication found that car stocks were nearly depleted. Those who want to receive delivery soon have had little time to take advantage of the opportunity. Less than 20 vehicles remain in the inventory, according to the data.

Earlier this month, Tesla had many EV configurations available from stock, including new rear-wheel-drive Model 3 and different variants of Model Y in multiple colors. At some point, stocks increased significantly, after more and more ships began to arrive in Australia. To stimulate fast sales, Tesla launched a promotion, giving some models free charging at Superchargers. In addition, discounts were also offered on some models in the inventory. In total, 16 ships arrived in Australia in Q2, delivering thousands of Tesla vehicles and currently, they are almost sold out.

According to the data, 8,152 Tesla vehicles were sold in April and May. This is already a high figure. However, sales for June will also add a significant number of vehicles sold. This means the company has every chance to register a new sales record in Australia.

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