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Tesla Offers Discount on Model S & X in US for 2 Days to Deliver All Produced Vehicles by End of Year

Tesla Offers Discount on Model S & X in US for 2 Days to Deliver All Produced Vehicles by End of Year

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Tesla is offering a unique discount on Model S and Model X purchases if delivery is received before the end of 2022. This move is made in order to achieve the highest possible sales figures in Q4 and sell off all the cars that are in stock.

For US citizens who were considering buying a Tesla Model S or Model X, there is a unique opportunity to receive significant savings as a gift. During December 30 and 31, the company is offering a $7,500 discount on Model S and Model X vehicles and 10,000 free Supercharging miles, provided the vehicles are purchased before the end of 2022.

This discount has nothing to do with stimulating car sales this year due to the fact that next year buyers could receive a federal purchase credit of $7,500 and therefore postpone the purchase to a later time. Model S and Model X are not eligible for this federal tax as their starting price exceeds the MSRP for sedans and SUVs.

At the moment, for Tesla the number of deliveries in Q4 and for the whole of 2022 is important. If the company can deliver a high number of vehicles, it could reassure those investors whose faith in the company wavered in recent months. It does not make sense for Tesla to keep its flagship models to sell next year if shipping them now would actually be of more value, even with a discount on the purchase.

At the time of writing, only 1,767 Model S and Model X remained available for sale in the US. Keep in mind that vehicle stock can be replenished with new production via the Fremont factory, so sales of an additional several thousand vehicles are quite possible. While this may not have a critical impact on the numbers at the end of the quarter, each vehicle delivered contributes to the overall success of the company.

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