Tesla Dominates the US EV Market with a ~ 60% Share

Tesla Dominates the US EV Market with a ~ 60% Share

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Tesla continues to be the only manufacturer that actually shapes the US electric vehicle market. In the first seven months of the year, the brand's sales exceeded the sales of all other brands combined. Tesla holds a 59.5% share of the EV market, continuing to encourage its competitors to become more active in the EV space.

Tesla again pleases us with its development in the US. According to Experian data published by Automotive News, Tesla is the overall leader in electric vehicles in the US. The company sold the largest number of EVs, occupying a huge market share. In the first seven months, the manufacturer sold 390,377 new vehicles. This is 50 percent more than in the same period last year. Now its share is 59.5 percent of the US electric vehicle market.

Obviously, the remaining 40.5% is formed by the remaining 25 brands selling in the US. The number of their sales is low, however each of them makes its own contribution to the development of the EV market. In second place is Chevrolet with 39,647 units and a market share of 6%. Ford is third with 33,955 new registrations. The company took a 5.2 percent share. Fourth place goes to Hyundai with 28,198 units sold and 4.3% market share. BMW closes out the top 5 with 23,116 units and 3.5% market share. Volkswagen is in seventh place with 20,046 registrations and 3.1% market share. Other brands are far behind.

A total of 655,986 EVs were registered from January to July, reflecting an increase of 67 percent compared to the same period last year. The overall EV market share was 7.2 percent.

The most registered vehicle in the first seven months was Tesla Model Y. During this period, 236,041 units were sold, more than double the same period last year. Registrations for Model 3, the second best-selling EV, rose 21 percent to 131,381 units. Meanwhile, Model S sales were 8,439 units, and 14,462 Model X cars were sold.

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