Tesla Is World's Most Innovative EV Manufacturer, CAM Study Finds

Tesla Is World's Most Innovative EV Manufacturer, CAM Study Finds

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Tesla is again recognized as the most innovative EV manufacturer in the world. A Center of Automotive Management (CAM) study published in the 'Electromobility Report 2022' shows Tesla has a big lead in the industry.

Tesla is the world leader in the production of electric vehicles and is steadily replacing cars with internal combustion engines. To do this, the company constantly conducts research and development, investing a significant portion of revenue. This is how the company creates innovations that not only make Tesla cars an order of magnitude better than cars from other automakers, but also provide a huge competitive advantage in the global automotive market.

As part of CAM's annually updated 'Electromobility Report 2022,' Tesla earned the highest mark as the most innovative EV manufacturer. For the report, a research team led by Stefan Bratzel systematically recorded and assessed the combined innovation potential of more than 30 automotive groups in the battery electric vehicle (BEV) sector between 2012 and 2021. For the 2022 edition, more than 700 individual series innovations were evaluated, according to the release.

With an index value of 175.8, Tesla was able to further widen the gap between itself and other manufacturers, adding 23.1 points compared to 2021. Thus, Tesla became the only automaker to receive the ‘Top Innovator’ classification.

With 137.2 index points, Volkswagen is in second place and is the only one that comes close to Tesla. The manufacturer is one of the few in the industry that is working to bring more innovation to its electric vehicles. Volkswagen received the "fast follower" classification.

With a backlog of about 100 index points, Hyundai is in third place with 76.9 points (+19.5 points), and in fourth place is BYD with 76.3 points (+13.8 points). Both manufacturers received the “fast follower” classification.

General Motors is in 10th place instead of 6th last year, showing a decrease of 6.9 points. The company is clearly lagging behind the market leaders and is demonstrating a negative trend. If the manufacturer does not catch up, then in the coming years it will lose many customers who strive for their cars to be innovative. Toyota and Honda perform worse and do not innovate in their cars. Both had 0 index points and were classified as "laggard."

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