Tesla Uses South Employee Parking Lot at Fremont for First Time for Local Delivery at End of Quarter

Tesla Uses South Employee Parking Lot at Fremont for First Time for Local Delivery at End of Quarter

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Tesla is using its south employee parking lot at the Fremont factory for the first time to accommodate hundreds of new Teslas for local delivery at the end of the quarter. The high level of production opens up more opportunities to increase sales to reach a new delivery record at the end of the year.

While most of us are getting ready for the New Year celebration, Tesla's employees in Fremont are busy building as many cars as possible. The delivery center staff is also working hard to deliver all vehicles to customers who are looking to pick them up before the end of the year. The production capacity of the factory is impressive, because cars that have just rolled off the assembly line no longer fit in the parking lot intended for this. According to a video shared by @SawyerMerritt/Twitter, the new vehicles are now located in the factory's south parking lot, which is normally used by employees. Hundreds of cars are waiting to be picked up on December 31, some of them being updated over the air at the time of filming.

The push at the end of the quarter is very important. Typically, the majority of Tesla vehicle deliveries occur in the last three weeks of each quarter, creating a heavy load. At the end of the fourth quarter of each year, loading is especially noticeable and the company has to make great efforts to produce and deliver as many vehicles as possible.

This year, Tesla offered a $7,500 discount on the purchase of Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X in the US, so the demand for its cars is very high. The car delivery area at the factory is full of vehicles and it is hoped that the company delivers as many vehicles as possible to achieve a new sales record. 2022 has been a very challenging year for Tesla, as well as for the entire US economy. It will be gratifying to see that even against the backdrop of all these headwinds, the manufacturer can still achieve or at least come very close to hitting its goals.

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