Tesla Launches Premium Connectivity Annual Subscription for Just $99

Tesla Launches Premium Connectivity Annual Subscription for Just $99

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Premium Connectivity is a convenient service that gives Tesla owners access to a host of features. Previously, it was only available with a monthly subscription, but now the company has offered an annual subscription, as it was considered by Elon Musk at the end of 2021.

Connectivity is an important part of all Tesla cars, further enhancing the driving experience by providing access to features that require data usage, such as streaming music and media, live traffic visualization and more. All cars come with Standard Connectivity which provides access to most connectivity features over Wi-Fi only, in addition to basic maps, navigation, and music streaming over Bluetooth.

Premium Connectivity provides the ability to access all connectivity features over cellular, in addition to Wi-Fi, for the most intuitive and engaging ownership experience. The service includes Navigation, Live Traffic Visualization, Satellite-View Maps, Video Streaming, Caraoke, Music Streaming, and Internet Browser. Until today, Premium Connectivity was available as a monthly subscription for $9.99, but that has now changed.

In December 2021, Tesla car owner @BLKMDL3/Twitter suggested to the CEO of the company Elon Musk the idea to upgrade Premium Connectivity. He explained that the possibility of subscribing to the service for a year and at a better price would be a great addition. This proposal was highly appreciated by Musk and he wrote that it was a good idea.

Now the manufacturer has turned this idea into reality and has begun offering a yearly Premium Connectivity subscription, which was spotted by u/iamVG/Reddit via Sawyer Merritt/Twitter. Just two months after the request, this service has been rolled out to owners of all company vehicles and will now offer a higher level of service, for a longer period, at a lower cost.

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