Tesla Launches Revamped Model Y in China

Tesla Launches Revamped Model Y in China

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Tesla has launched a revamped Model Y in China. The car has some changes to the exterior, interior, performance, and range. The updates make Model Y more modern and attractive to consumers.

Today, Tesla China announced through its WeChat account that it has released an updated Model Y in China. This is positive news at the start of Q4, which could encourage stronger sales throughout the quarter. The car received not only a design update but also improved performance.

Now, Giga Shanghai's base Model Y has faster acceleration times. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is now 5.9 seconds, down 1 second from 6.9 seconds previously. The CLTC's range has increased to 554 kilometers from the previous 545 kilometers. The starting price remains unchanged at 263,900 yuan ($36,140). The waiting time also remains the same and ranges from 2 to 6 weeks.

For the Model Y Long Rang, only the CLTC range has changed. It increased by 28 kilometers, to 688 kilometers from the previous 660 kilometers. Its starting price is 299,900 yuan and the waiting time is 6-8 weeks, both of which remain unchanged.

Model Y Performance specifications remain unchanged.

Tesla also updated the car's exterior by adding base Gemini Wheels painted black. This certainly complements the appearance of the car, making it more stylish. The car's interior has been complemented by multi-colored ambient lighting and a new dashboard trim. This update makes Model Y more modern, which became relevant after Tesla released the updated Model 3.

Model Y is the company's best-selling car in China. Making changes will certainly make it even more attractive to consumers. With two updated vehicles, Tesla's sales performance in China should be strong in Q4 2023.

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