Tesla Launches New Software Update with Charge On Solar Feature & More

Tesla Launches New Software Update with Charge On Solar Feature & More

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Tesla is launching a new software update for its vehicles. It contains some cool features like Charge On Solar, Automatic Headlights, Bluetooth Game Controllers, Camera View on Tesla App, and more.

Tesla continues to delight its customers by adding new features to its vehicles. While other car owners are forced to buy a newer model car to get additional and improved features, Tesla has kept it simple. The company develops improvements and simply launches software updates over the air. Owners can unlock these changes at a convenient time. Everything is as easy as installing an update via a smartphone.

On Saturday, Tesla started rolling out the new, massive 2023.26 update, which was noticed by Teslascope/Twitter. It includes several major features and improvements that customers have been asking for for a while. One of the biggest was Charge On Solar, hints of which were seen in the code earlier this year. This feature allows Tesla owners who have Solar and Powerwall installed in their homes to charge their electric vehicles with excess solar energy. The function is controlled through the Tesla App. Owners can independently choose how much energy will come from solar, and how much from other sources of energy.

Another major improvement is the Automatic Headlights feature. Thanks to it, the headlights automatically turn on when the wipers are activated. This makes using the car more comfortable. In addition, many other features have been added, which can be seen in the full description of the update.

Charge On Solar
Charge your Tesla with solar energy if you have a Powerwall. You can choose how much charging comes from solar versus other sources.

To set it up, open the Tesla app for your vehicle, tap the “Charge on Solar” message, and follow the instructions. Requires Powerwall v23.12.10 and Tesla app v4.22.5.

Spotify Refresh
Play your Spotify music, playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks with a more familiar look and feel.

Go to App Launcher > Spotify. Requires Premium Connectivity.

Automatic Headlights
Your lights turn on automatically when windshield wipers are activated and headlights are set to Auto in Controls > Lights > Headlights.

Destination Closing Soon
Navigation now shows if your destination is closing soon or may be closed by the time you arrive.

Bluetooth Game Controllers
Use Bluetooth controllers to play games in Arcade.

To pair a controller, open the Bluetooth panel and follow the instructions.

This feature works best with PS5 controllers. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for more information.

Camera View on Tesla App
You can now see multiple cameras at once when checking your vehicle’s surroundings.

To start using this feature, go to your vehicle settings in Controls > Safety > View Live Camera via Mobile App.

This feature requires Mobile App v4.22.5 and Premium Connectivity.

Warmer Display Colors
Set your touchscreen to automatically adjust to warmer colors at night.

Go to Controls > Display > Reduce Blue Light.

Other Updates

  • Recents & Favorites are now in separate tabs in the Media Player.
  • The sliders to adjust volume, temperature, and charge limit are more precise.
  • Sentry Mode records if someone tries to open a door or trunk when the vehicle is locked.
  • Access the Owner’s Manual and Release Notes more quickly with the new Manual app. Read up on everything from regenerative braking to phone key or maximizing range.
  • Automatic Navigation shows more details about your destination.
  • Swiss and French keyboard is available.

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