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Tesla Enables Free Supercharging in Poland & Slovakia to Support Ukrainians Seeking Refuge

Tesla Enables Free Supercharging in Poland & Slovakia to Support Ukrainians Seeking Refuge

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The aggressive and inhumane actions of Russia against Ukraine have rallied the whole world and now states, companies, and individuals are trying to help the Ukrainian people. To facilitate the easier movement of refugees from Ukraine in Europe and their active transportion to safe places, Tesla made charging at its Superchargers across Poland and Slovakia free of charge.

It has been almost two weeks since Russia attacked Ukraine. The aggressive Russian military continues attacking civilians, shooting at residential buildings, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and cars with civilians. The number of dead innocent people, including children, has already gone into the thousands. Those who have the opportunity to leave the country in an effort to save their lives are in dire need of help. Volunteers around the world are providing help in various ways, and kind people from Europe have made great commitments to transport Ukrainians who have crossed the border to safe places across Europe.

For example, Tesla owners from the Netherlands organized a convoy of seven cars that will go to the Polish-Ukrainian border this Friday. They will help the refugees to get safely to the right place. These Tesla owners will do this every week to help them as much as possible. In addition, many Tesla owners from various European countries also travel to the Polish-Ukrainian and Slovak-Ukrainian borders to transport Ukrainian refugees.

Earlier, as part of helping Ukrainian refugees, Tesla made some of its Superchargers free in several cities in Poland and Slovakia. Now the company has further expanded its efforts and temporarily opened free access to all its Superchargers in Poland and Slovakia, as shared in an email.

The efforts of Tesla, SpaceX, Elon Musk, and his family in support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people are significant and show dedication and self-sacrifice despite the financial losses associated with it. Such an initiative shows that for Musk, and accordingly for his companies, helping those who are in dire need will always be a top priority.

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