Tesla Megacharger Installed in Sacramento to Support Tesla Semi in Pepsi Co Operations

Tesla Megacharger Installed in Sacramento to Support Tesla Semi in Pepsi Co Operations

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Tesla Megacharger is installed in Sacramento to support Tesla Semi in PepsiCo operations. The Texas-based manufacturer delivered the first trucks earlier this month, and they now travel between PepsiCo's Sacramento and Modesto facilities.

Tesla delivered the first Semi to PepsiCo at a gala event at Giga Nevada on December 1. These were 500-mile versions that could cover a claimed distance with a full load of 82,000 tons. Since then, PepsiCo has been using them for transportation between its Sacramento and Modesto, California, facilities.

It was previously known that Tesla had installed a Megacharger at PepsiCo's Frito-Lay facility in Modesto. Its construction was well documented by observers in the Tesla community. Although the distance between this facility and Sacramento is short, about 75 miles, the company has taken care to install the Megacharger in Sacramento too, according to Drive Tesla. This charging station was not previously known. The Megachargers at Frito-Lay and Giga Nevada were supposed to be the only ones installed to date.

The newly discovered Megacharger consists of four stalls already in active use, according to photos obtained by Drive Tesla. On December 13, two Tesla Semis were photographed there. The charging station is located inside the gate, so it has not been seen until now. According to Google images dated August 2022, the construction of the Megacharger was completed at that time.

According to information obtained at the Semi's delivery event, Megacharger has 1MW+ DC fast charging capability and will be able to charge not only Semi, but also Cybertruck.

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