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Tesla Met & Exceeded its Hiring Commitment to the State for Giga New York Employees

Tesla Met & Exceeded its Hiring Commitment to the State for Giga New York Employees

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Tesla has officially met and exceeded its obligations to the state in hiring Giga New York employees. At the end of the reporting period, Tesla had 2,265 employees in New York State, including 1,636 employees working at the Gigafactory in Buffalo.

Throughout 2021, Tesla continued to actively recruit employees at its Giga New York facility in Buffalo. Now, according to a statement from Empire State Development, the manufacturer has officially met and exceeded the state's hiring requirements at the Gigafactory in Buffalo. As of the end of 2021, the company employed more than 2,265 people in New York State. 1,636 of them worked at the Gigafactory in Buffalo, which means Tesla has met its hiring targets and will not be fined tens of millions of dollars.

Thus, the manufacturer exceeded the target number of hiring requirements by more than 200 people, which was registered back in November. To expand the workforce, Tesla opened a department at Giga New York that works on Autopilot and full self-driving (FSD), which has filled about 250 positions.

The full statement from Empire State Development:

"Tesla is reporting it has far exceeded its job and investment commitments at the Buffalo Gigafactory. Tesla has been working to expand and diversify the facility’s operations, while also growing its manufacturing portfolio, which resulted in them meeting their 2021 obligations regarding statewide employment and cumulative investment.

At the close of the 2021 reporting period, Tesla’s New York State headcount reportedly stood at 2,265 — including the Gigafactory headcount in Buffalo of 1,636.

Competitive wages and generous benefits have attracted these employees to the Gigafactory which include health insurance, 401K and discounted rates for company stock among other employee benefits.

Tesla is also reporting an accrued cumulative investment and spend in New York State of $1,034,920,157 as of December 31, 2021 – an amount more than $560M over the current obligation. Tesla’s official submission of its job and financial commitment report will undergo verification, as required by the State’s due diligence process.

While navigating the challenges of the pandemic, Tesla managed to grow its operation by diversifying to include work on charging systems and Tesla's autonomous and self-driving vehicle initiatives- demonstrating its commitment to building the Gigafactory into a world-class advanced manufacturing center while expanding its business throughout New York State."

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