Tesla Model 3 & Y without Radar & with Tesla Vision Will Start Delivering to Europe from Q2 2022

Tesla Model 3 & Y without Radar & with Tesla Vision Will Start Delivering to Europe from Q2 2022

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Tesla Model 3 and Y without radar will start delivering to the European market from Q2 2022. Now the company's vehicles using only Tesla Vision will begin to be more widely distributed around the world.

Starting in May 2021, all Model 3s and Ys delivered to the North American market were no longer equipped with radar. Powerful visual processing was able to "see" at up to 250 meters of range, which is a significant increase from the prior 160 meters, making pure vision possible. The production of Model Y and 3 without radar was Tesla's first step in moving to Tesla Vision, which relies only on cameras and does not need radar.

Following more budget models, the manufacturer switched its premium line to pure vision. In February, on the updated "Transitioning to Tesla Vision" page, in addition to the new description, the company has added information about Model S and X. In response to Frequently Asked Questions, the manufacturer wrote that all vehicles produced for the North American market starting from February 2022 utilize Tesla Vision, although up to this point they were produced with radar.

Now there are first indications that starting next month, cars that are delivered to Europe will also be updated. Tesla_Adri/Twitter reported that, according to the new approval (V22) issued on February 21, 2022, when exporting starting Q2 from Giga Shanghai, the radar units in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles will be removed. Instead, cars will rely only on cameras while driving, using Tesla Vision.

At the moment, Tesla Vision has already received improvements, compared with the initial settings when entering the market. Previously, while cars were transitioning to Tesla Vision, some of their features were temporarily limited or inactive, including Autosteer, which was limited to a maximum speed of 75 mph and a longer minimum following distance, and Smart Summon (if equipped) and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance have been disabled at delivery. Autosteer is now limited to a maximum speed of 80 mph and a longer minimum following distance. No restrictions are mentioned for Smart Summon. Whether these capabilities will be active for European owners is currently unknown.

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