Tesla Model 3 Became France’s #1 EV & #14 Overall Car in 2021

Tesla Model 3 Became France’s #1 EV & #14 Overall Car in 2021

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Tesla continues the electric car revolution by gradually replacing cars with internal combustion engines. Model 3 has become the best-selling electric vehicle (EV) and 14th out of all cars sold in France in 2021, gradually gaining momentum in the local market.

Tesla has created electric vehicles that have become the desire of many people. With the launch of Model 3—a more affordable option that consists of the highest performance features—a real transformation of automotive markets around the world has begun. Europe has emerged as one of the strongest markets, looking to move to EVs as quickly as possible, although France has lagged slightly behind other countries in the region. However, in 2020, a more active shift of interest to EVs began and their sales began to grow significantly. While for several years the French have preferred local branded EVs, in 2020, Tesla began to rapidly increase its market share, and in 2021 reached a new milestone.

According to EU-EVs data, in 2021, Tesla registered 24,911 Model 3s in France. This made the car the undisputed leader in the EV market, taking the #1 spot in the rankings. Ranking first place since 2013, Renault Zoe dropped to #2 as it registered 23,573 vehicles. Far behind them, the Peugeot E-208 came in third with 17,858 registrations.

However, this is not the only Tesla Model 3 achievement in France. According to L'Automobile Magazine data, the car ranked #14 in the country's overall car market, competing with the most popular cars with internal combustion engines. Thus, in one year, the model has risen from #64 to #14, adding 284.6% in sales compared to last year. Another important achievement is that Tesla Model 3 is the only EV in the top 15, which indicates a particularly high interest in the car.

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