Tesla Model 3 Becomes Accent for Coca Cola Futurism Exhibition in China

Tesla Model 3 Becomes Accent for Coca Cola Futurism Exhibition in China

Photo: @JayinShanghai/Twitter

Tesla Model 3 became an advertising accent of the Coca-Cola Futurism Exhibition in China. The booth with the car and Coca-Cola symbols will be on display until the beginning of August.

The Tesla car was again used to attract increased attention. Coca-Cola in China organized a Futurism Exhibition booth and as the main highlight used a red Model 3, which harmonized perfectly with the theme. According to @JayinShanghai/Twitter, the booth has been set up in Zhuhai Universal City and will be there from now until August 1. This was yet another demonstration of the strong appeal of Tesla vehicles and their use as the perfect complement to advertisements, which will now surely attract a lot of attention.

This use of Tesla vehicles also has value for the manufacturer. They end up in commercials, are used in music videos and movies, and thus get free advertising. Where other automakers spend billions of dollars on advertising, Tesla spends $0. Of course, advertising costs are always included in the price of the car, so if you buy any other car, you can be sure that you sponsored its advertising. At the same time, Tesla strives to minimize the cost of its vehicles to customers, so the company deliberately does not spend a single cent on advertising.

In addition, it should be noted that the company's cars have become as popular as they are thanks to satisfied customers. Tesla's vehicles have become a cult product that is talked about not only by the owners, but also by many ordinary people who would like to have one. These people actually advertise Tesla products better than any paid advertisement.

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