Tesla Model 3 Is Germany’s 3rd Best-Selling Car in November

Tesla Model 3 Is Germany’s 3rd Best-Selling Car in November

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Tesla Model 3 became the 3rd best-selling car in Germany in November. The manufacturer's sales grew by 93% and played a key role in the growth of the EV market.

The German car market is in a fairly lively state by the end of the year. According to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamtes (KBA), 260,512 vehicles were registered in November, up 31.3% from the same month last year. The battery electric vehicle (BEV) market continues to grow rapidly and sales here reached 57,980 units last month and occupied 22.3% of the automotive market. Tesla played one of the main roles in this, registering 10,810 vehicles, and increasing sales by 93% compared to the same period last year.

In November, Tesla Model 3 attracted the most attention from German consumers, although it is more likely that the company simply spread the deliveries of its models among different countries. While Model Y shone in many European markets, in those markets sales of Model 3 were noticeably low. So in November, for Germany, the company probably focused on Model 3 deliveries; with 6,811 registrations, the car became the 3rd best-selling car in the country. The sedan from the Texas-based company was outperformed by Volkswagen Golf with 7,033 registrations in 1st place, and Fiat 500E with 6,867 units in 2nd.

1 Volkswagen Golf 7,033
2  Fiat 500E 6,867
3 Tesla Model 3 6,811

In November, Tesla registered 3,867 Model Ys in Germany, apparently shipping the bulk of the Giga Berlin-produced units to other European countries and to Taiwan. However, this number allowed the car to take 6th place on the list of best-selling cars in Germany. It can be assumed that in December Giga Berlin will supply Model Y mainly to the local market, and will reach a new record.

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