Tesla Model 3 Joins the Redding, CA Police Department Fleet

von Eva Fox Februar 16, 2022

Tesla Model 3 Joins the Redding, CA Police Department Fleet

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The California Redding Police Department (RPD) has purchased a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD as a patrol vehicle through the REU's GHG Fleet Electrification Program, in line with intentions made public in 2020.

The issue of buying a Tesla car to replenish the Redding California Police Department was actively on the city's agenda in 2020. The city council debated the feasibility of the purchase and saw it as a way to cut fuel and maintenance costs. Eventually, the Tesla Model 3 purchase was approved and the vehicle joined the city police fleet.

The Tesla vehicle is used for patrols, parades, and community events. Its total cost is estimated at $55,000, which includes $10,000 to prepare and outfit the vehicle with emergency equipment, $3,000 to add RPD decals and wrap the vehicle, and $500 for the required Tesla charger, which was paid through REU's GHG Fleet Electrification Program.

Source: Redding Police Department

The city of Redding wrote:

"The total cost of the proposed vehicle is equivalent to the total cost of the most current patrol vehicles purchased by RPD Additionally, various law enforcement agencies presently using a Tesla are realizing an average savings in fuel and maintenance costs of between $7,000 and $9,000 annually."

Buying a Tesla Model 3 allows RPD to test an all-electric vehicle as a patrol car. Several police departments are already using Tesla cars in patrol operations. Tesla is currently the leader in all-electric police vehicles, and the company is constantly working to improve their design and functionality for this purpose.

It should be noted that several other brands and models of all-electric vehicles were considered prior to purchase, including the 2020 Hyundai Kona EV, 2020 Toyota Mirai, 2020 Kia Niro EV, however Tesla Model 3 had important advantages over others, so was chosen.

"After careful consideration, the Tesla Model 3 was found to be the best option for the specific intended use based on the vehicle's design features, current use as a patrol vehicle with other agencies, availability of emergency equipment, feasibility for the assignment, and the cost of the vehicle. Base price for the Tesla is $37,990 before taxes and fees."

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