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Tesla Model 3 Saves Driver's Life After Pickup Truck T-bones it at 80 mph

Tesla Model 3 Saves Driver's Life After Pickup Truck T-bones it at 80 mph

Photo: Kent C. Dodds

Tesla’s stellar vehicle safety is a matter of pride for the company. Its cars have saved thousands of lives in various accidents and will continue to protect them in the future. A Tesla Model 3 recently saved its driver's life after being t-boned by a large pickup truck at 80 mph.

Co-Founder, Director of Developer Experience at Remix Kent C. Dodds was recently in a horrific accident that he probably wouldn't have gotten out of alive if he wasn't in a Tesla. Kent took to Twitter to share his story and attached some photos showing the aftermath of the terrible collision. This story shows that each of us can get into an accident, but it is highly preferable to be in a Tesla car, which is likely to save us from terrible consequences.

On January 29, Kent was driving down a road in a residential area. Suddenly, he felt a strong blow, which was the beginning of a series of traumatic events. The driver of a large pickup truck ignored a stop sign and crashed into the side of the Model 3 at 80 mph. In the violent collision, Kent's seat belt broke Kent's collarbone, the airbags cracked his front teeth, and the dashboard trapped his legs and knees until rescuers were able to free them to get him out. However, all of these injuries are treatable and Kent will soon be able to return to his full life.

Photos from the scene of the accident show that both cars sustained very heavy damage, which only emphasizes the force of the impact. It was thanks to the ultra-strong and thoughtful design of the Tesla Model 3 that Kent survived and did not suffer more serious injuries. He is very happy that he was driving this car that day, and said that his next car would definitely be a Tesla.

"Again, I'm pretty confident that had I not been driving a Tesla, instead of a broken collar bone, broken teeth, and cuts/bruises, I would not have walked away from this experience at all. I have a wife and four kids.

I will 100% be replacing this one with a new Tesla."

The NHTSA gave Tesla Model 3 a 5-star rating in rollover, side crash, and frontal crash tests. The safety of Model 3, like all cars of the company, is a matter of pride. Safety is the most important part of the overall Model 3 design. The metal structure is a combination of aluminum and steel, for maximum strength in every area.

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