Tesla Model 3 Rises to Become Best-Selling Vehicle in Switzerland for 2021

von Eva Fox Januar 03, 2022

Tesla Model 3 Rises to Become Best-Selling Vehicle in Switzerland for 2021

Photo: KingsT910/Tesla Motors Club

Tesla Model 3 became the top-selling car in Switzerland in 2021, surpassing the most popular internal combustion engine vehicles that have enjoyed consumer love for decades. This demonstrates a shift in interest to EVs, which will soon completely displace ICE cars from automotive markets around the world.

Over the past years, Tesla cars have increased in popularity around the world, pushing consumers to switch to electric vehicles. Since the release of Model 3, the car has been gaining popularity and has been the best-selling EV in the world. Now that Tesla's leadership in the EV market—which is supported by statistical data—does not cause any doubts, the U.S. manufacturer has begun to take strong positions in the general automotive market.

With high performance, comfort, and a relatively affordable price, Model 3 has received love from consumers around the world, and now, the car has become the best-selling vehicle in Switzerland for 2021. It should be kept in mind that sales of Model 3 have bypassed the sales of all other—including ICE—cars in the country, which ruled there for decades, at any price category.

According to IVZ ASTRA via @Rjdlandscapes/Twitter, Tesla registered 5,072 Model 3s in the 12 months of last year. This allowed the car to take first place in the Swiss car market. Second place is occupied by the extremely popular in Europe Skoda Octavia with 4,969 registered units. Third place belongs to Audi Q3 with 3,959 units. In fourth place is VW Tiguan with 3,840 registrations. Closing out the top 5 is Fiat 500 with 3,618 units.

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