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Tesla Model 3 & Y Could Get Ventilated Seats, Hints Owner's Manual

Tesla Model 3 & Y Could Get Ventilated Seats, Hints Owner's Manual

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Tesla continues to improve its vehicles by adding higher-level equipment to them. This time, Model 3 and Y are expected to get ventilated seats, as the Owner's Manual hints.

Ventilated seats are one of the attributes of Tesla's Model S and Model X premium vehicles and are designed to significantly increase user comfort. Such seats are especially useful during the summer months or in hotter climates. Since Model 3 and Model Y are the relatively more budget-friendly options of the Tesla lineup, they are not equipped with ventilated seats. But, there are hints that this may soon change.

Teslascope/Twitter has found interesting information in the updated online Owner's Manual for Model 3 and Y. In the Climate Controls section there is an indication that cars may have ventilated seats. "Enable or disable heated or cooling seats (if equipped)," reads the instruction.

It should be kept in mind that this may be a standard description for all cars produced by the company, and the indication "if equipped" can correct the perception, indicating that Model 3 and Model Y do not have the appropriate equipment. However, it could also hint that Tesla will start equipping all (or some trims) of its cars with ventilated seats sometime in 2022, which will be a pleasant surprise for owners. The company has previously raised the equipment level in its cheaper models on several occasions, such as recently adding AMD Ryzen processors and new GPUs, like Model S and X already have.

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