Tesla Model S Plaid Deliveries in Europe Could Start in Q4 2022

Tesla Model S Plaid Deliveries in Europe Could Start in Q4 2022

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Tesla has sent emails to several Model S Plaid order holders in Europe asking them to prepare for delivery. According to the information from Tesla Vienna, deliveries can begin as early as Q4 2022.

The wait for the start of deliveries of Tesla Model S Plaid in Europe could reach the finish line. Several confirmations have been released in recent days that the company may start delivering the car this year. A few order holders from different countries reported that Tesla sent them an email asking them to prepare for delivery. It is worth noting that this step is the moment when the client submits information about himself/herself to the company, and not when the delivery is already scheduled.

@NicklasNilsso14/Twitter from Sweden reported that his friend, an order holder for Tesla Model S Plaid, received an email saying that a company representative would contact him with delivery details. At the same time, he indicated that he had not been able to provide his data on his own.

Another @CosteVlad/Twitter order holder from Romania, but who placed the order through the company's Austrian store, reported receiving the same email. The difference was that he was able to enter his contact details and payment information, which is more encouraging than in the first case. In addition, Vlad said that Tesla Vienna, with whom he has a good relationship, said that deliveries could start in Q4 2022. This is the first public mention of the estimated delivery date of the Model S to Europe, which is really positive and exciting news.

At the moment, it remains unclear how many Model S cars will be delivered to Europe, and when. However, even a small number of vehicles delivered to several European countries would be a great start. For now, Tesla does not deliver cars from the US to Europe and there have been no reports of ships with cars heading there either.

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