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Tesla Model S Plaid Sets New 1/4 Mile Record: 8.77 Seconds at 162.55 MPH

Tesla Model S Plaid Sets New 1/4 Mile Record: 8.77 Seconds at 162.55 MPH

Photo: Pascal Bernatchez/YouTube

Tesla Model S Plaid set a new quarter-mile record: 8.77 seconds at 162.55mph. The car was slightly modified and was driven by a driver with a lower weight, which made it possible to achieve such a high performance.

Tesla Model S Plaid continues to amaze with its performance and confirms its resounding reputation as the fastest production car in the world. The car dominates drag strips around the world, leaving competitors like Nissan GT-R, Porsche Taycan Turbo S, and other big names in the dust. After a short time, Model S Plaid reminded us again of its dominance, breaking its own record. mulot30th /Tesla Motors Club shared the results of its 1/4 mile run in a red Model S Plaid and posted the best result known to date. This time it blazed through the 1/4 in an impressive 8.77 seconds at 162.55mph!

Less than one month ago, mulot30th covered the distance in just 8.834 seconds at 161.37 mph in the same Model S Plaid. He significantly lightened the weight of the car through a few modifications, however left an unaltered powertrain and ECU, left full stock exterior, appearance, door handles, and windows/power windows.

Arriving at the track in Napierville, Quebec, Canada, where the previous record was set, this time, the Model S Plaid received an even greater weight reduction. mulot30th said that, compared to the previous attempt, he managed to save an additional 60 pounds due to the lighter weight of the rider. In addition, the suspension geometry was slightly changed, which slightly reduced tire drag.


Source: Drive Canada

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