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Tesla Model S with Swivel Screen Begins Delivering to Customers

Tesla Model S with Swivel Screen Begins Delivering to Customers

Photo: DDCAR

Apparently, Tesla has started delivering Model S with the swivel screen for which customers have been waiting for a long time. Photos and videos from various sources indicate that this is true.

Tesla Model S and Model X are now on display in Taiwan, and DDCAR visited the showroom to take a closer look at the vehicles. As a result, a lot of photos of new products from Tesla appeared on the Internet. Looking through these photos, Sawyer Merritt/Twitter noticed that the Model S' screen is not exactly centered, but turned towards the driver, leading to the obvious realization that the car is now equipped with a swivel screen.

Source: DDCAR

In addition, Tesla owner Larry Li/Twitter shared a video demonstrating that the screen of his Model S now tilts, depending on the car's settings. Larry said that he received the car at the end of April, which means that the cars delivered in the last few days already have this excellent update. At the moment, it is difficult to say the exact date for the start of deliveries of the Model S and maybe X with swivel screen, but Larry is the first owner known to us who shared this information. Since the tilt adjustment is done through the center screen, this is clearly not an owner-installed feature.

Tesla initially said Model S and X should have a swivel screen. However, before the start of deliveries, this information was removed from the manufacturer's website. This could be because the company did not have the hardware to make this super-handy feature available. Supply chain issues still persist in the market today, but have eased up a bit compared to last year, so it is likely that Tesla started delivering Model S and X with this feature.

Automotive expert Sandy Munro and his team tore down the Model S Plaid in February 2022 and found that the center screen has a hidden mechanism that allows it to be rotated and adjusted to suit the owner's preferences. A more detailed study of the mechanism showed that some components are missing there. Experts suggested that two motors should be installed there, each of which would be responsible for turning in a certain direction. In addition, the screen motion guiding element is missing. After some simple manipulations, Munro's team demonstrated and explained how it would work.

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