Stolen Tesla Model X Quickly Found Thanks to Tesla App, Criminal Arrested

Stolen Tesla Model X Quickly Found Thanks to Tesla App, Criminal Arrested

Image: Nick Kyrgios/Instagram

A Tesla Model X stolen at gunpoint, owned by tennis player Nick Kyrgios, was quickly found by police. The location of the car was determined using the Tesla App, through which the owner also limited the speed of the vehicle. The criminal was arrested by the police.

Stealing a Tesla car is an extremely difficult task. However, if the key is taken over, it is still possible. Sometimes the keys can be stolen, and sometimes they are taken at gunpoint. However, such thefts never end well for the criminals, because thanks to the Tesla App, the owner can not only quickly track the location of the car, but also influence the driving process.

Recently, a Tesla Model X owned by Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios was stolen. The perpetrator knocked on the door of the house and pointed a long-barrel gun at Kyrgios' mother, who opened the door. Threateningly, he demanded from her the keys to the Tesla Model X and asked her how to drive. As soon as the offender got into the car, Kyrgios' mother managed to escape to call for help.

Kyrgios immediately called the police and reported what had happened. With the help of the Tesla App, he limited the speed of the vehicle to 50 miles per hour so that the perpetrator could not escape quickly. In addition, thanks to the application, he received real-time location data of the Model X, and immediately transmitted it to the police. Thanks to this, the criminal was detained after 30 minutes of chase.

Obviously, Tesla App made it possible to quickly catch the criminal. All Tesla vehicles are connected to the application, through which the owner has full access to information about the vehicle, including its location. Thus, the owner can track the car at any time, which makes it not a very attractive target for theft. Unfortunately, Tesla owners sometimes face similar situations. However, the result of all these crimes was the same: the owners tracked the location of their cars and transmitted the data to the police, who detained the criminals.

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