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Tesla Sets Highest Annual Registrations Yet in Norway, as Recent Model 3 & Y Batch Hits Land

Tesla Sets Highest Annual Registrations Yet in Norway, as Recent Model 3 & Y Batch Hits Land

Photo: Lasse Edvardsen/Twitter

Tesla in Norway again reaches new heights, setting various records. Even before ending the month, this year the company registered the highest number of vehicles in its history on the market, already delivering more than 19,000 units. New batches of Model 3s and Ys continue to arrive in the country, increasing the number of Tesla vehicles registered in 2021 every day.

Tesla and EV enthusiast from Norway Lasse Edvardsen/Twitter shared a new video from the port of Oslo. The video shows dozens of Model Ys and Model 3s, which Lasse says are gradually being loaded onto trailers for transport to delivery centers where they will be handed over to new owners.

2021 has already become the strongest year for Tesla in its history in Norway. As of today, 19,128 cars of the company were registered there for just over 11 months of the year. However, these remaining 11 days of the year are often some of the strongest in terms of delivery. Typically, the last week of the third month of the fourth quarter has a very large number of delivered vehicles. The previous record was set in 2019 when 18,855 vehicles were delivered.

As of December 20, 1,246 Model 3s were registered, which means that 11,341 cars were delivered this year. There were also 2,077 Model Ys registered this month, and a total of 7,964 vehicles were delivered in four months of the year. Thus, at the moment, two Tesla models are the best-selling EVs in Norway.

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