Tesla Model Y & 3 Qualify for the Maximum Purchase Subsidy in Germany

Tesla Model Y & 3 Qualify for the Maximum Purchase Subsidy in Germany

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Tesla Model Y and Model 3 now officially qualify for the maximum available subsidy to buy electric vehicles in Germany. The company's customers will now be eligible for a subsidy of up to €6,750, which brings the cars' starting price down to just over €40,000.

Last week, Tesla cut prices on its most popular models around the world, including Germany, its largest European market. Now, the starting price of Tesla Model 3 is €43,990 (€6,000 less), the starting prices of the Long Range and Performance Model 3 have been reduced by €5,500 and €2,500 to €53,990 and €60,990 respectively. Model Y prices are also significantly reduced depending on the variant. The starting price of the rear-wheel drive Model Y is reduced by €9,100 to €44,890, the Long Range and Performance variants receive a price reduction of €2,000 and €500 to €54,990 and €64,990 respectively. These price cuts make them eligible for state subsidies that were previously out of reach due to their higher cost.

As BAFA officially confirmed late last week, Tesla Model 3 and, for the first time, Tesla Model Y are now eligible for the highest stake of the new state subsidy, which will be up to €6,750 in 2023 (BAFA + manufacturer's share), Tesla Germany said in a press release. For both Model 3 and Model Y, the maximum subsidy applies to all models, including the Long Range and Performance variants, which is very strong news and is sure to boost sales growth in the country significantly.

Combined with the recent price adjustment, the new maximum subsidy for all Model 3 and Model Y options makes them even more affordable, in line with the company's mission to accelerate the global transition to sustainable mobility. Thus, Tesla Model 3 is available from €40,470 with the maximum subsidy, and Model Y is available from €41,370, the manufacturer said.

In Europe, Model 3 and Model Y have become a staple of the annual car registration podium in many markets, not just for pure battery electric vehicles, but for all powertrains. In Norway, Model Y broke the 50-year VW Beetle sales record, and in Switzerland, Model Y replaced Model 3 and took first place in the overall annual rankings. In Germany, Model Y and Model 3 ranked tenth and twelfth overall in new registrations across all powertrain types and price ranges.

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