Tesla Model Y Was Denmark’s Best-Selling Car in February, Far Ahead of Petrol Competitors

Tesla Model Y Was Denmark’s Best-Selling Car in February, Far Ahead of Petrol Competitors

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Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in Denmark in February, far ahead of its petrol competitors. Vehicle sales continue to grow with ongoing supply support from Giga Berlin.

For the second month in a row, car sales in Denmark are rising. In February of this year, 14 percent more vehicles were delivered compared to last year. While electric vehicle registrations continue to increase, sales of gasoline, diesel, and hybrid vehicles continue to decline. In February, 11,597 new vehicles were sold, 3,148 of which were battery electric vehicles. This means that electric vehicles have taken 27 percent of the market share, which is largely due to Tesla.

Thanks to strong sales, Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in the Danish market in February. In January, the car was the second best-selling in the country, but in February, its position strengthened. With 1,018 units sold, Model Y took first place in the rankings. Notably, the vehicle had a relatively large lead over its nearest competitor, Peugeot 208, which sold 730 units, including petrol, diesel, and electric variants. These two cars were the most obvious choices for Danes in February. In third place, with a modest 287 units, settled Ford Kuga. The Opel Corsa finished fourth with 268 sales. Closing out the top 5 best-selling cars in Denmark in February was Citroen C3 with 258 units.

That electric vehicles have taken such a high share of the automotive market is not surprising. The latest local FDM study found that about half of Danes will buy electric for their next car. A noticeable switch of interest from petrol cars to electric ones is due to favorable conditions. First of all, the country has tax incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles. On the other hand, more and more different models of electric vehicles are entering the market, which satisfies a wider range of consumers. In addition, the clear market leader, Tesla, significantly reduced the prices of its cars in January, contributing to a huge increase in demand.

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