Tesla Model Y Is China's Best-Selling Premium SUV in November, Registers More Cars than Next 5 Competitors Combined

Tesla Model Y Is China's Best-Selling Premium SUV in November, Registers More Cars than Next 5 Competitors Combined

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Tesla Model Y became the best-selling premium SUV in China in November. The company has more vehicles registered than its five closest competitors combined.

Tesla Model Y continues to actively capture the love of consumers around the world, and November sales data underscore this. In the Chinese market, the car also achieved high success. According to the data, Model Y was the top-selling premium SUV in November with an absolutely impressive 52,424 units. More Model Ys were registered in one month than the five closest competitors combined.

Model Y has an impressively large lead on its closest competitor, BMW X3 with 12,632 units, which is more than four times behind. In third place is Audi Q5 with 11,162 units sold. Mercedes-Benz GLC finished fourth with 10,642 units. Closing out the top 5 is Li Auto Li L9 with 9,087 registrations.

1 Tesla Model Y 52,424
2 BMW X3 12,632
3 Audi Q5 11,162
4 Mercedes-Benz GLC 10,642
5 Li Auto Li L9 9,087

Based on total sales results for the eleven months of 2022, Tesla Model Y retains the lead in the premium SUV market by a very large margin over its nearest competitor. From January to November (inclusive) 285,927 units were sold. In second place is Mercedes-Benz GLC with 137,565 sales. Audi Q5 is in third place with 133,924 units. In fourth place is BMW X3 with 129,791 registrations. Li Auto Li ONE finished in fifth place with 78,329 units.

1 Tesla Model Y 285,927
2 Mercedes-Benz GLC 137,565
3 Audi Q5 133,924
4 BMW X3 129,791
5 Li Auto Li ONE 78,329

Looking at SUV sales across all price ranges, Tesla Model Y was the second best-selling in China in November, behind BYD Song with 63,636 units. It is worth noting that while Model Y price starts at around RMB 300,000, the price of BYD Song is around RMB 180,800. The cheaper SUV model is in more high demand in the local market.

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