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Tesla Model Y Is Being Tested by Merseyside Police, UK

Tesla Model Y Is Being Tested by Merseyside Police, UK

Photo: Merseyside Roads Policing Unit / Twitter

Tesla Model Y is being tested by Merseyside Police, UK. The car is used for various tasks and is currently being tested by the traffic police.

Police in Merseyside, UK, have received increased positive attention since they began using the Tesla Model Y. The Merseyside Police Roads Policing Unit (RPU) explained that they had tested a Tesla electric vehicle. A police spokesman also confirmed that this was an experimental evaluation of Model Y for various purposes, according to Liverpool Echo.

Apparently, the police have not yet carried out full testing, as they did not have enough information about the electric car. The RPU asked its Twitter followers how many times they thought the car would need to charge in one shift. Obviously, the number of charges depends on what exactly the car is used for and in what conditions.

Testing of electric vehicles by UK city services has intensified recently. This is due to the fact that in 2030, the government will ban the purchase of new diesel and gasoline vehicles. By testing now, each department will be able to select the electric vehicles that best suit their goals. Tesla vehicles have been used by various emergency services for years and have proven time and time again to be the best solution.

In 2021, in collaboration with Tesla, the UK police tested the manufacturer's electric vehicle. Tesla has developed the Model 3 test vehicle to assist emergency responders as part of the Road to Zero emission reduction program. The car was handed over for testing to the traffic police department in Surrey, UK. In December 2021, the results were published and showed the excellent performance of the car, and also highlighted the benefits of using a Tesla vehicle. Manager & Emergency Services Lead at Tesla, Max Toozs-Hobson, has shared the first test results of this vehicle via LinkedIn, which may be helpful for all emergency services considering purchasing an electric vehicle:


  • It's achievable to do over 200 miles of Blue Light advance driving with the Model 3. The average blue light run in the UK is about 7-15 minutes. The longest run in our cars has been over 4 hours on active deployment under advanced driving conditions...
  • The auxiliary systems have minimal impact on range, ANPR for 3 hours would take less than a few miles of range of the car. LED lights could run for days off the battery pack.
  • Chill mode & speed limiting allows the cars to be limited, allowing the possibility for split crews to drive the car on shift allowing for all officers to utilize the car.
  • Light bars are like running with a parachute! Integrating lights into the car cabin does not affect our drag coefficiency and requires no holes to be drilled into the roof which has negative effect on the car's residual values.
  • Charging on shift works! last week I joined a traffic unit who got into the car with just 80 miles of range. We stopped at a V3 Supercharger and gained 70% power in less than 20 minutes. This gave us another 5-6 hours of driving for the shift. Plus this fill up cost less than £20.
  • Public response to seeing our active units has been mind blowing, the press articles have been positive as well. As an engagement tool we're seeing incredible results.
  • With integrated USB C power ports officers can power their laptops whilst at scene or charging. The wireless charging pad as also come in handy!
  • Brakes wear has been minimal, after 10,000 miles of driving the first set of pads still had 15-20% use still in them. Tires are the same as I.C.Es and need replacing at around 8,000 miles.
  • After 15,000 miles the only maintenance has been brakes and tires, no annual service schedules mean minimal running costs, time off the road and competitive total cost of ownership.
  • Tesla software updates and systems offer new ways to police, the ability to send directions to the car via systems such as what3words and Google maps will allow control rooms to send direct directions to a job. Dashcam, GPS tracking & App access offer unique potential to our cars as well.
  • Our delivery lead times and body shop offer industry leading deployment for forces to deploy new units and repair.

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