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Texas-Made Tesla Model Y Demonstrates Hard Path to Perfect Product, Munro Confirms

Texas-Made Tesla Model Y Demonstrates Hard Path to Perfect Product, Munro Confirms

Photo: Munro Live/YouTube

The Texas-made Tesla Model Y is now in the hands of Sandy Munro's team. The structural battery pack has been removed and it is time to take a closer look at other interesting areas of the car, as it has obviously been made with new technology.

In a recent episode of Munro Live, Cory Steuben and Carl Crittenden look under the hood of the Model Y to see the changes. The Texas-made car is different because it has a single-piece cast not only at the rear end, but also in front—so many changes are under the hood. Obviously, the team removed the plastic trunk to see the major changes. Keep in mind that Munro Live is only doing a superficial inspection this time, and more details will be provided in future episodes.

Due to the use of the front single-piece cast, Tesla has introduced many changes that include both new parts and modified parts. They were adapted to the new megacast, which emphasizes that the manufacturer is able to quickly change its products, giving it tremendous flexibility. It is this flexibility that gives Tesla the ability to quickly adapt to a changing environment, offering the best products on the market. In addition, some parts under the hood have been completely removed.

Some things, such as parts welded to the casting, so far only raise questions that cannot be answered until the car is completely disassembled. However, the guys are looking forward to when they can start a more detailed study, because it will be an interesting engineering conversation.

For now, it is known that the structural battery pack has not yet been optimized to 100%, according to Elon Musk, which means the car will undergo a number of improvements in the future. Therefore, it is quite normal to expect that with the current Model Y we will see something transitional from the Model Y produced according to the old technologies, to the completely new, maximally optimized Model Y.


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