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Tesla Model Ys Arrive in Australia, Initially for Showrooms

von Eva Fox Juni 09, 2022

Tesla Model Ys Arrive in Australia, Initially for Showrooms

Photo: @sydney_ev/Twitter

The first batch of Tesla Model Ys have arrived in Australia, initially for showrooms. Trucks with cars were spotted near Melbourne. At the moment, it is not known whether any of them are intended for delivery to customers.

The long-awaited Tesla Model Y has arrived in Australia, causing great excitement among the company's local customers. They have long been waiting for the electric compact SUV to hit the country's market. Sales of the car were expected to begin in late 2021/early 2022 when Tesla received certification documents to allow sales to begin. However, it is likely that due to the three-week shutdown of Giga Shanghai that began in March, the original plan was not feasible.

Ludicrous Feed/YouTube has collected information from various sources confirming that Model Y has indeed arrived in Australia. Two trucks were seen carrying at least eight vehicles. One of the trucks was seen en route to Melbourne. Various sources have confirmed that these were Model Y RWD and Performance variants, and @Vedaprime/Twitter has also separately confirmed that the Long Range for Australia has not yet been found.

Several sources indicated that the cars were intended for showrooms. They did not know if any of the arrivals would be handed over to clients. @sydney_ev/Twitter shared a photo of Model Y, which is already on display in the manufacturer's store in the Gold Coast. This indicates that it is likely that the vehicles will indeed be used for demos, with first deliveries likely to start in the 3rd or 4th quarters.

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