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Tesla Model Ys in Quicksilver Spotted at Giga Berlin

Tesla Model Ys in Quicksilver Spotted at Giga Berlin

Image: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

About six Tesla Model Ys in Quicksilver were spotted at Giga Berlin. First deliveries are slated for February 2023, so the cars seen are probably made for showrooms.

Tesla is ramping up production at Giga Berlin and the next step is to start production of Model Y in a new color: Quicksilver. At least six cars in Quicksilver have been spotted by @gigafactory_4/Twitter among the Model Ys ready for delivery that have recently rolled off the assembly line. The cars were parked with other Model Ys in white and black colors. There may have been more, but only six are visible in the photographs.

@SpaceTeslaniac/Twitter commented on the tweet that he saw a Model Y in Quicksilver in the front part of a truck driving down the highway toward Hannover on Sunday. He noted that all other cars in the truck were white. Perhaps it was one of the cars that had been previously seen at the Giga Berlin yard/lot.

At the moment, it seems unlikely that deliveries of the Quicksilver Model Y are imminent.  The company's website states that the first deliveries should take place no earlier than February 2023. Also, it makes more sense to do marketing for the new color first, especially since it is available at an additional cost, and only then start delivering. It seems more likely that the spotted cars will be taken to showrooms in various European countries so that consumers can see the new stunning color in person.

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