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Tesla Offers Choice Between Regular Steering Wheel & Yoke for Refreshed Model S & X

Tesla Offers Choice Between Regular Steering Wheel & Yoke for Refreshed Model S & X

Tesla is now offering a choice between a regular steering wheel and Yoke for Model S and Model X, as revealed by the website's order configurator. Refreshed cars, but from an earlier release date, will get the option to replace the Yoke for an additional fee.

When Tesla started offering the refreshed Model S and Model X vehicles, they were equipped with a yoke steering wheel. At the time, this was the only option, although many customers asked for the option to include a regular steering wheel. The yoke steering wheel seems unusual but offers some advantages over the regular steering wheel, ranging from a cool look to not obstructing the panoramic view, which is extremely convenient. Plenty of Model S and Model X owners appreciated the yoke steering wheel, but there were plenty of those who wanted the regular steering wheel option, which stopped them from buying new Tesla cars.

It seems that Tesla has listened to its customers and is now offering two steering wheel options to choose from when ordering, as seen in the online configurator on the website. Both types of steering wheels are free and included in the price of the car, so customers can safely choose whichever they find more convenient. When in doubt, it may be best to take advantage of the test drive service offered by Tesla stores to be sure you are choosing the best option. Like the yoke steering wheel, the regular steering wheel also does not contain stalks or shifters as found in the older Model S and X.

If a Tesla Model S or X with a yoke steering wheel is already purchased and the owners are unhappy with it, they can replace it for an additional fee. According to information from Tesla, such a replacement costs $700, including the cost of the steering wheel and installation. The company also clarified that the replacement is only available for Model S and Model X with a Yoke steering wheel, and therefore is not available for older versions of Model S and X, as well as for Model 3 and Y.

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