Tesla Opens Third V4 Supercharger, Located in France

Tesla Opens Third V4 Supercharger, Located in France

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Tesla has opened its third V4 Supercharger station, located in France. The location has eight stalls open for use for electric vehicles of any brand.

The world's third V4 Supercharger site is officially unveiled. It is located in France, close to the A7 in the south, Chasse sur Rhône, according to @EstherKokkelman/Twitter. The Supercharger station contains eight stalls open to any brand of electric vehicle, which is great news. Tesla continues to expand charging infrastructure in Europe and makes it available for electric vehicles of all brands. Through these efforts, the company is promoting e-mobility.

Two weeks ago, Tesla unveiled its second V4 Supercharger station. It is also located in France, next to the Ibis hotel in Clermont-Ferrand. The site has 12 stalls, including one pass-through for larger vehicles or vehicles with trailers. In the future, this charging station will have a solar canopy. This will make charging there environmentally friendly. The world's first V4 Supercharger site was unveiled in the Netherlands in March. It consists of 16 stalls.

It is currently known that the charging power of the V4 Supercharger is stated at 250 kW. However, there is no information on whether this is the power limit. Many expected that the new generation of Tesla charging stations would have a power of 350 kW. The charging piles have an extended charging cable to make charging accessible to all electric vehicles, no matter the charging port location. In addition, the piles of the V4 Supercharger have a different look. Now they are taller and have a solid body, without an open space inside, as with previous versions.

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