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Tesla Overcomes First Hurdle to Expand Giga Berlin by 100 Hectares

Tesla Overcomes First Hurdle to Expand Giga Berlin by 100 Hectares

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Tesla has overcome the first hurdle to expanding the Giga Berlin territory by 100 hectares. The additional territory will house the railway station, training facilities, and logistics. The main committee approved the automaker's plans and recommended that the local council initiate the procedure for designing a new development plan.

Despite the protracted approval process for Phase 1 of Giga Berlin, Tesla does not intend to stop its development in Germany. In early May, it became known that the manufacturer intends to expand the existing territory of 300 hectares, adding another 100 hectares. At the end of May, the company filed a corresponding application, thereby launching the expansion process. The municipality of Grünheide in the Oder-Spree region on Thursday, June 3, also took the first step, and the majority of the members of the main committee approved Tesla's expansion plans and recommended that the local council initiate the procedure for designing a new development plan, reports rbb24.

On an additional 100 hectares of land, Tesla wants to build employee lounges, training centers, and child care facilities. In addition, there will be a delivery center and a car service center. Much attention in this zone will be given to the logistics zone. “In addition, a number of transshipment warehouses and parking lots for rail and freight traffic are also planned to be built there,” Alexander Riederer told the main committee. He stressed that the company seeks to transfer as much transport as possible from road to rail, for greater environmental protection.

In addition, Riederer raised the issue of water shortages to reassure the public. He said that all planned buildings do not need additional water, with the exception of toilets.

“If you look at the purpose of use or planning, all these things require almost no water. The freight yard doesn't need water, except maybe a toilet.

It should be kept in mind that the final plan has not yet been approved. At the end of June, a meeting of representatives of the Grünheide community will take place, where members must come to an agreement. After that, all relevant authorities should comment on the decision. Mayor Arne Christiani is confident that by then the issue of the required amount of water for new buildings will have been clarified. “Then we will see what statement the WSE makes about the amount of water actually required and whether it can be provided,” he said. If all goes according to plan, Tesla could start construction in a year or two.

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