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Tesla Prepares to Open its Supercharger Network in US to Other EVs, with Government Funding

Tesla Prepares to Open its Supercharger Network in US to Other EVs, with Government Funding

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Tesla is preparing to open its Supercharger network in the US to other EVs, with government funding. The first leak of information about the manufacturer's plans appeared in White House documents in early July.

Tesla is in a phase of active preparation to open up its Supercharger network to other electric vehicles in the US. According to the documents, the manufacturer is trying to get government funding in line with its promise. The Biden administration has promised to fund the accelerated growth of charging infrastructure in the US.

Tesla continues to ramp up efforts to support EV owners from all manufacturers. The company's pilot program in Europe seems to be having success, and Tesla-branded charging stations have already been opened in 13 countries for non-Tesla vehicles. This marks continued support for the development of the electric vehicle market and people who choose environmentally friendly vehicles. The company's efforts directly support its mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

The document entitled, “FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Catalyzes more than $700 Million in Private Sector Commitments to Make EV Charging More Affordable and Accessible,” dated June 28, 2022, stated that Tesla is ready to provide their Superchargers to electric vehicles from other manufacturers.

According to the fact sheet, Tesla is expanding its investment in Buffalo-based Giga New York to support the production and deployment of new Superchargers. In addition, the move also aims to begin the production of new Supercharger hardware that will enable non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers.

“Tesla is making investments at its Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York to support the deployment of new fast charging stations to add to its fast-charging network. More than 1,600 employees work at Giga New York producing the Tesla Solar Roof and Supercharger stations, which are capable of charging vehicles up to 250 kW. Tesla is expanding production capacity of power electronics components that convert alternating current to direct current, charging cabinets, posts and cables. Later this year, Tesla will begin production of new Supercharger equipment that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers.”

Tesla's requested funding from the state will help accelerate the deployment of Superchargers, meaning more charging stations will become available for electric vehicles in the US.

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