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Tesla Provides Ability to Adjust Screen Orientation in All New Model S & X Vehicles

Tesla Provides Ability to Adjust Screen Orientation in All New Model S & X Vehicles

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Tesla confirms that it will begin rolling out the tilt screen feature in its flagship new Model S and Model X vehicles. The company has posted a video demonstrating the ability to adjust screen orientation in vehicles.

Tesla posted a new video on its Instagram account showing off the long-awaited feature, captioned “Adjust your screen orientation in all new Model S&X vehicles.” In the video, you can see that the Model X screen tilts towards the passenger or driver of their choice. The video hints that this super handy feature will soon be activated on all flagship vehicles that have the appropriate equipment. It is likely that the company will also offer retrofit to those customers whose cars were delivered without such equipment.

The fact that the new Model S and Model X would have a screen that can be tilted has long been no secret. After the launch of the online configurator, Tesla announced on its website that the vehicles would have a tilting screen.
“With 2200 x 1300 resolution, true colors and exceptional responsiveness, an adjustable 17” display tilts left or right for gaming, movies and more.”

However, before the start of deliveries in 2021, this information was removed. This could be because the company did not have the components to make this super handy feature available. In early 2022, Sandy Munro tore down Model S Plaid and learned a few secrets. While examining the dashboard, experts discovered that the center screen has a hidden mechanism that allows it to be rotated and adjusted to suit owner preference. A more detailed study of the mechanism showed that some components are missing there. Experts suggested that two motors should be installed there, each of which would be responsible for turning in a certain direction. In addition, the screen motion guiding element was missing. After some simple manipulations, Munro's team demonstrated and explained how it would work. In May 2022, a Model S Plaid in a showroom in Taiwan was first seen with the display tilted to the driver.

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